When I was a child my parents gave me a camera for my eighth birthday. I started experimenting immediately with both the camera and my father´s condenser enlarger. I became enthusiastic about filming and photographing – particularly our family vacations. Later on, my brother and I dabbled in stop motion animation.
Among other things, my pictures are strongly influenced by not only my early endeavours, but also my architecture studies and my day job in which I create 3D computer images of newly designed buildings.
To deepen my knowledge, I’ve been attending the “Prager Fotoschule Austria” since 2015.
This passion for ruined buildings and places has occupied my attention for some time. They are a counterpart to the funny, perfect and saccharine scenarios in the architectural renderings I create every day. These abandoned places reveal a lot about their former inhabitants.
I work with M.G. – my girlfriend – who is my inspiration and model . Together, we try to capture those past tales in our own vision.
Leo Schreiner

I grew up in the 90´s in a former communist country which since the fall of the wall has drastically transformed. Therefore, I am connecting my urban exploring with numerous adventures from my youth in abandoned buildings.
As an employee in a luxury hotel, the decayed-scouting-expeditions are exceptional opportunities to see what the whole buildings look like after they have been abandoned.
It’s a pleasure for me to be in front of the lens of my life´s companion, although I normally do not show any of my photos either in social networks or in my private life.

It is exciting and challenging to find such deserted places and to take artistic pictures.
A pleasure for us, dear visitors, is to be able to present you with the results of those adventures.
M. & Leo